Wellness Coaching

Implement strategies for overall lifestyle balance while working at the root of disease.

With the ever-quickening pace of today’s life we experience things such as increased job demands, two-income families, long term stress and constant connectivity (computers/laptops, business cell phone/email, social media). Demands on our time and room for quality downtime have become harder to negotiate into our regular routines. Awareness about this life pace and its negative influence on productivity, health, happiness and relationships is expanding more and more. Quality disconnected time can provide positive benefits for your overall wellbeing. Heartwood’s expertise lies in connecting you to the many benefits of nature while exploring ecology, local plants and berries and how nature and the earth helps us disconnect and align our energetic systems.

We offer nature exploration and experiences in Calgary’s local and surrounding natural areas. Depending on your needs and level of experience, Heartwood can design a program for indoors or a short nature walk, half-day or full day adventure for you, your family or small group of friends.

Build confidence and comfort in nature and explore the subtleties of our natural areas.

Energetic Balancing

Heartwood utilizes Crystal Resonance Therapy (CRT)TM to identify key energetic imbalances to build awareness, facilitate disconnection from the day-to-day stresses and work toward rebalancing and restoring your energetic system. Based in sound science, Primus Activation Healing Technique (PAHT)TM is utilized independently and within the CRT session to synchronize the brain and heart and utilize the power of the heart’s energetic field for personal growth.

“Having spent many years recreating in and enjoying the outdoors, as well as working as a vegetation ecologist and Forester in remote areas in Alberta, British Columbia and the Northwest Territories, I feel confident that our experience together will elevate and enhance your outdoor experience and overall wholistic lifestyle.”


“Susanne’s nature walk was so insightful, knowledgeable and inspiring! Susanne’s extensive plant expertise makes her the essential nature guide. You can clearly see her joy amongst the foliage.”

~Marican Garcia

“I love the intuition and compassion Susanne brings to her crystal energy work. I always leave my sessions feeling connected, emotionally grounded, and positive about the future! I highly recommend her as a therapist.”

~Tracy F.